About Tegona

Tegona is a software house created in 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland. We specialize in software development and IT security, with customers including big corporations and governments, in Europe and in emerging countries.

Tegona mainly works on identification, authentication and payment systems. We work on NFC, smart card, IDs and travel document applications.

As a product editor, we maintain TxMS (Tegona Management System), a management framework of secure tokens and transactions, the aim of which is to manage smart secure devices (i.e. Smartcards, eID and ePassport, Visa, Secure documents, NFC devices, USB Token) as well as to enable transactions processing (e.g. for financial companies, distributors and retailers, online businesses).

As a service provider, we realise on-demand web and mobile applications. We also conceive and develop specific ID/Auth systems.

As part of our daily routine, we deal with:

In June 2011, we received the CTI Label, from the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation, certifying Tegona as « Ready for sustainable business ».